Rommert Caljé and Mark Robert Peters both try to integrate science and philosophy in their work. With Caljé this involves the transformation of vibration and noise in visual images.
Peters refers to his fascination with the micro-and macrocosm, quantum mechanics and virtual reality (Utopia’s). Their work comes together at the interface between quantum mechanics and core vibration. The concept that all matter consists of vibrations is the basis for the Logos project.
Through experimentation, they came to an audio-visual imagery which is accessible but at the same time encourages reflection. For what it's actually what you see? They let design, architecture and art come together in a work that should achieve a total experience. As a spectator, you feel like to come in another dimension and are encouraged to think about the essence of life.

Their common fascination is that of nature-science and therefore their work has a relationship with the earth. It is about the life force that all permits. They concludes that you can experience an image on a deeper level, that is connected to your inner self, and that this could lead to a reversal or an awakening.

The concept of Logos was used by Heraclitus, one of the more known presocratici, to characterize the human knowledge and inherent order in the universe, an order present in the entire universe and perhaps created by the gods. This is what he saw behind the variable daily reality, which he formulated with his panta rhei (everything streams). The Stoici understood by Logos the life force of the universe.

The Logos forms the origin of the universe, a kind of basic phenomenon from which all working powers originated. Logos symbolizes with this for instance the principle of causality (law of cause and consequence). It is a principle that works from the inside and stands not opposite to matter.

The Logos Project is an investigation of evolving and symmetric forms and patrons, which gives another view on the familiar dimension of water; the source of all life.

Roughly seen water is transparent and empty but when you bring it into movement there arises a new wealth of forms and patrons which appear to be the key of the essence of all life; symmetry. The project has been inspired through the work of the scientist Hans Jenny who developed the Cymatics method for studying wave-phenomena. In the string theories already is spoken of vibrating mini parts which are the building stones of everything; matter and life itself.

Symmetrie arise through vibration. By the Logos Project, water brought in movement in a pulsating way. Only how does it stand in proportion to the basic vibration of all matter? Perhaps you can speak of a "divine" vibration which is fixed in the core of all life.